Thursday, August 26, 2010


Finally! I moved back into school on Monday and since then I've had such a range of emotions. I got to the school super early for registration just because I honestly couldn't wait any longer. I'm determined to make my junior year the best one yet. Although it took alllll day, I got settled into my new dorm room. I'm still adding some final touches, but soon it will be everything I hoped.

I'm on a floor with most of the friends I never got to see last year, except for in class. So far I've had about every meal w/ them and gone out with them a couple times. It seems to be going well and I couldn't be happier. I may have my own dorm room this year (which I love), but I'm definitely not alone here.

My classes have been pretty okay. I don't know too many people in them, but hey...that just means I can branch out and meet new people. Most of my classes (with like 1 exception) are in my major/minor range, so I'm loving every minute of it. There will definitely be more projects and harder assignments this semester, but I'm bracing myself for it. More updates to come in the life of a college student :)


  1. I can't wait to come see your room! Looks great in pictures! I know it's going to be the best year yet for you! I love you!

  2. Thank you!! Come see me soon! Love you too!