Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's been an overall frustrating sort of day. I've felt like writing in this blog for quite some time yet, but haven't had much to say or didn't know where to start. Today has been full of my entire range of emotions-- happiness, anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment..okay, you get the picture. I've been in the process of taking down my stuff in my dorm room and every few days taking as much home in my car as I could. My walls are now bare, with the exception of my pictures- those are always the last to go. I can't live in a place where I have no pictures, that's unacceptable. I also found out that I'll be done a week from Friday with my junior year. Although it puts me one step closer to graduation (which I'm totally not ready for by the way), I deserve a break. A long break. One free of school work and the stress of having to get things done on a timeline. I need time to be with friends, family, and finally some time with my boyfriend whom I never get to see anymore. I miss my brother & I'll be so happy to see him every day. I'm also frustrated because I feel like I'm the only person who enjoys making plans and sticking to them. I look around and even things that don't even concern me frustrate me..people make deadlines they don't ever intend to keep, don't show up to class because they neglected to do something for that day, or just simple things such as saying they'll do something then they don't. I had to get away for a while, so I went home. It was peaceful. I just sat down on the couch & did absolutely nothing...and didn't feel bad about it because I really did just need that time. MY time. I'm hoping to find something to do once I get out of school next weekend..maybe see the best friend, take a weekend trip somewhere? I'm not sure...I need to figure out what to do. Hmmm...yeah..so I'm sorry if this turned into more of a rambling, but sometimes it's necessary. Here's to the rest of this short week and a lovely weekend at home for Easter with my family :)