Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Sands of Time

So, today I was told I don't use this blog very much anymore.  I apologize because that's not my intention at all.  I write constantly, but somtimes don't know the right moment to share things with "the world." But, this is for you. Hope you enjoy.  I wrote it a while back. 

The Sands of Time

Cross-legged on the floor,
Covered in mommy’s make-up;
“Do I look pretty mom?”
When will I grow up?

All dolled up with ribbons and curls,
Heading out on stage;
Lipstick on, tap shoes laced tightly,
The confidence of a young woman in a child’s body.

Ten and two – hands on the wheel,
Finally, a driver’s license.
Seeing freedom through a rear-view mirror;
A time all my own.

“As I call your name,
You may be presented with your diploma.”
The world ahead of me was calling,
College, just around the corner.

Leaving family life behind,
The comfortable life I’d always known.
New life and new friends,
A chance to find myself.

 Like sand, slipping through an hour glass-
My four years have come and gone,
Teaching me about life,
But as well as about myself.

As the open road of life
Lays in front of my eyes,
Memories of love, laughter, and friendships
Will forever be engrained on my heart.