Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The past couple weeks of walking to class has just been great. It's reminded me why I love Fall so much. The leaves around campus are changing and falling to the ground in Winter's anticipation. The weather is just so perfect--cool enough to not make you wish Summer was over, but just warm enough to wear long sleeves without a jacket. It's just so gorgeous outside I don't see how anyone can not look at their surroundings and not be in awe of how great God truly is..

Monday, November 22, 2010


Today has just been full of surprises. I woke up today w/ a perfectly good plan. I was going to go to my first class, have a quick work out at the gym, 2nd class, spend the afternoon in columbia with a friend, and then have dinner in columbia with some other friends from school. Well...OBVIOUSLY that wasn't going to work out that way b/c somehow things never turn out always like I like them, but yet it seemed to work out for the best this time. I ended up going to my first class, but before I could do that I was bombarded with texts and phone calls from people needing my help getting stuff done for them today because apparently I'm "superwoman." Well...um...I hate to say it, but I just can't do it all.

So, after becoming extremely aggravated, I gave up on my visit to the gym, and told my friend I would not be shopping with her this afternoon. I also emailed my professor for my second class to tell her I would not be present. There just didn't seem to be enough hours in the day...as usual. Anyways, I got done waaaay ahead of schedule (still not in time for class), but turns out I was able to do pretty much everything that I wanted to do today (besides the gym). But anyways, I'm getting off topic.

First thing this morning, right as I'm sitting down in the caf to have breakfast, I receive a text from a family member that just simply says "I love you!" Wow, just what I needed. I was so stressed already, and just taking the time to read that & breathe just made me feel a million times better. I was like whoa...how did you know I needed that? Also, tonight, while talking with a friend and working on some more stuff, I became extremely overwhelmed and in need of a break. It was getting pretty late, but I received another text from a friend inviting me with her & her roommate to sonic for a late night grilled cheese run :) So of course, I can't turn that down. It was just what I needed to destress before the night was over. In other words, God's been good to me today. Things definitely didn't turn out as planned, but He always knows what I need. Just when I think I can't handle things any more, He throws in a curveball. I'm so blessed...Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours this year!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

An Overbearing Load...

Yep, I'm back! I feel that it's been forever since my last post, and I really need to vent so sorry in advance for the ranting. My hardrive on my computer crashed a few weeks back and so for about a week or so I was without a computer. Of course I could have blogged from another computer, but it's just not the same, you know?

I wish I could say that things got better after my computer came back to me, and for a while they did...key word--a while. Things were finally getting to a good place where I was happy and things seemed to be going well for me...of course that's when everyone knows you should watch out. Not that things are bad in my life at the moment, they are just very stressful.

The semester will be coming to a close soon, which means that all of my professor treat it as if they are the only class I'm taking, and therefore give me oodles of homework, projects, and various other assignments. Not to mention, the threat of the upcoming final exams. I am currently working on writing a story for my class, as well as for the campus newspaper; I am also writing a 12 page research paper, finishing up 2 websites for my web design class, all the while trying to make sure my social life doesn't crash into the ground. Put this all together and you have one stressful college student.

Although my mind is not all there at the moment because of all that I'm working on, I am thankful for a few really great friends who without, I'd have lost my sanity. I'm thankful for my family and for a promise I read almost every day now in 1 Corinthians 10:13

"There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape , that ye may be able to bear it."

This always reminds me that I will never be given more than God thinks I can handle..