Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts to Smile About

This week has been full of moments that made me smile. They're not listed in any certain order, just as they come to my mind.

-- Quietly listening from my upstairs bedroom as my brother came home from school...the first thing he asked dad was where I was :) I love him so much!

-- Reminiscing old memories of a recently lost friend with his family and friends over dinner..

-- Waking up to snow outside my window

-- The running hug I received from one of my best friends when she moved back into school.

-- Picking on my boyfriend for slipping and falling, then 2 seconds later, falling down myself.

-- The long hugs I received from my family before I went back to school

-- The "I love you sister" I received from my brother yesterday

-- "Sledding" down the hills of snow at school on large rubbermaid tops

-- The text from my brother at 2 am asking me if I was awake & to look out my window at the blizzard of snow we were getting.

-- A long text message conversation with my best friend when I was upset about a few things.

-- My parents surprising me by coming out to dinner with my friends and I my first night back at school.

-- A comforting hug from my boyfriend when stress got the best of me.

These are just a few of the many things I've been thankful for this past week. This semester is looking up already. I miss my family and miss the days I used to play in snow like this with them, but I've enjoyed being with my friends as well. Happy Snow everyone!

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