Sunday, May 23, 2010


So far 2010 has been very good to me. I started branching out at school and making new friends, became closer to the friends I already had, got published twice my college literary magazine, and even landed an internship for most of the summer. Not to say that there hasn't been some drama here and there, because there was...but I've learned to just follow my heart and not to let other people try to bring me down on doing what I know is right.

My summer has been pretty bland so far. I guess it's because this is the first summer away from a school where I actually felt that I had a home. I really miss being in school with all of my friends and being involved in that "community" of people. I have had some fun with several close friends of mine though during my time off so that has made everything worth while. Tomorrow is my first "official" day of my internship for the summer, so I'm slightly nervous, but VERY excited to begin. The reason I say "official' is because I went last week, but there wasn't anything for me to start on yet, so the man I'm working for sent me home for another week. It was disappointing, but I'm now ready to start tomorrow.

I can't believe that this time last year I was freaking out over transferring schools and worrying about whether I would fit in anywhere at all. I'm happy to say that I have found my college family and I couldn't be more happy w/ how things are going. I love college and even though I sometimes say I'm ready to graduate....I know I'll miss being there on campus. I've got time to worry about that though. I'm proud of all that I've accomplished lately. I've knicked a few habits that I hated, such as biting my nails. Things are good with the boyfriend and the family right now, and I also have learned who I can and cannot trust which is always good. And finally, I feel good about the path I'm now heading down tomorrow with my internship. I hope it's everything I expect it to be. Details to come soon!


  1. I hope your internship goes very well.

  2. You know sometimes it's really tough finding out who you cannot trust, who you cannot count on, and so on....but it is always good in the long run. I find that it gives me more quality time with those I CAN trust, those I CAN count on, etc. Don't ever question that gut feeling you have about people and situations. I've found that "gut feeling" is God nudging you in the right direction. And He's one you can ALWAYS trust and count on. (And me) I love you, sweet pea!