Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amongst the Rubble

These past few weeks of school have been very stressful. I've had numerous things come up without warning, and simply cannot be in one million places at once. It's been really hard for me to keep everything balanced and this week especially I've had several breakdowns because of this. I was actually on my way home this afternoon to grab a few things and then to meet a family member, when I flipped from my current CD to 89.7 WMHK just because for some reason I felt led to. After the current song had finished playing, the talk show hosts at the time began talking. The woman speaking told a story of her and her son in which they'd recently been walking by an old downtown park which was under reconstruction. "Looking out over the park amongst the rubble, I could barely recognize the park." This made her sad because she had experienced many memories with her children there. They were breaking down the park to build a newer, nicer one. She then went on to say that that experience is a lot like life...God breaks us down to nothing but rubble sometimes; our lives feel like they're crashing down around us, but what we don't see is what God is doing amongst the rubble to break us down & make us brand new. I immediately felt tears running down my face. I then knew why I needed to hear that. No matter how stressed and run down my schedule/life may seem at this point, what I don't see are the workings that are taking place underneath it all. I look forward to the mystery that will soon be revealed.

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  1. I hope some of the stress is easing up. Sometimes when I feel like I'm being pulled a million different ways, everyone needs my attention for something, and I get all stressed, I stop and think about what it must feel like "inside God's head". Wow! ALL of us asking for His attention, telling Him what we need NOW, ...... makes my little world seem manageable. :-)
    Relax, sweet pea, you always get it all done and it's always done great!
    I love you, sweet pea!