Monday, September 19, 2011

"You are not junk, but you are a project..."

Maybe it's just the recent "Fall" weather we've been having, but it makes me want to blog constantly.  It's even gotten to the point to as I'm walking to/from my classes, my mind is busily writing before I can even get to a computer to type.  My brain needs to realize I don't have too much of a memory during a school semester ;) 

Yesterday, we began a new series at my church titled "Restored."  The first part yesterday was "God's Salvage Yard."  As human begins, we enjoy the process of restoration.  It's always fun to take something the world may see as completely irreparable and make it brand new.  Maybe that's why I enjoy the editing process so much as a writer.  I enjoy taking something I already thought to be "good enough," yet changing and tweaking it until it becomes even better than I thought it to be in the first place. 

Jesus' ministry wasn't for those who were the "first" so to speak.  He went to the least of these, the lost; that was whom His ministry was for.  As Christians, that what we all should be doing; going to those that may need us to step out of our comfort zones in order to help.  What happens to a car that never gets rescued? Eventually, they are crushed, melted down, and thrown into a junk heap to be used as recycled metal.  In a way, that's what happens when we as Christians don't help to bring people to God.  On judgement day, they will be thrown to the side as could we, and thrown into a lake of fire. God looks at each of us the same; we are all His children and he is constantly trying to lead our hearts to Him.

As we look in the mirror, in our eyes, we see many dents, rust, and corrosion on ourselves, but God doesn't see that when he looks at us.  In His eyes, he sees our potential, what we could be. We're God's everlasting projects.  That is such a relief to me.  I see so many things on myself every day that I need to work on, fix, change, in order to not only be the person God wants me to be, but the person that I, myself would like to be.  But in order for God to salvage us, He has to go all the way down to our core and begin from the inside out.  God starts with our engine (our hearts) and works on us until we are as He sees fit.  I'm so thankful to belong to a God who will never give up on me, no matter how many times I may fall down; He'll never leave my side.

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