Sunday, October 17, 2010

Growing in God

The sermon this morning really spoke to me, so I just wanted to express that this afternoon. Continuing on the topic of "growth," we talked about stretching ourselves too thin this morning. This is something I can truly relate too, especially now that I'm back in school.

I have, and have always had the problem of saying no to people. Whether it be with helping someone with their schoolwork, or something as simple as not wanting to turn someone down to do something fun like shopping. I hate disappointing people, no matter the circumstances. It's gotten better over the last few years, but when I'm in school I tend to put my homework and studying on the backburner when someone asks me to do something fun. There are many other things that take the backseat when it comes to my friends lately as well. It's just that I finally feel that I belong somewhere so I've done everything in my power to hold onto that feeling. I've learned though that it's not going anywhere. I've truly been blessed and I don't see God taking that blessing away from me unless it pulls me away from him.

Our pastor also asked us again today how are relationships with God are. Although I know that I have a long way to go, I've been really pleased with where my relationship with God has been heading these past few months. Of course the growth has been slow, and it just something I take day by day, but I'm looking forward to the future results :)

One of the last things that the pastor left us with this morning was something he was told by a member of our church. The candle may burn brightly when lit on both ends, but once the two flames meet in the middle, theres nothing left to give. This can be true of so many situations. When you take on too much, eventually you'll become burnt out and can no longer offer anything to anyone.

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  1. I love the analogy of the candle burning at both ends. That is so true. I enjoyed reading your blog.
    We are doing a great series on faith. My quotes are "Don't minimize God. Don't minimize yourself. Don't minimize your opportunities."
    Maybe you can see some of your distractions as opportunities to minister to someone. Don't minimize your opportunities. Balance that with not minimizing God or yourself though.
    I love you!