Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Findings continued

Not sure if you remember, but sometime last year, I wrote a blog entitled "Findings of a College Student." It was a pretty lengthy list of a lot of stuff that I've learned since I graduated high school. I have a few more things that I'd like to add to the list. Sorry if it seems like ranting, but when I have the urge to write, I must give in. (It'll have to be quick because I have class in 20 minutes.)

  • Although it's not the most important thing to me, having my own dorm room pretty much rocks...(even if I'm hardly ever in it.) :)
  • Friendships really do make college that much more enjoyable
  • I love the relationship I have with my boyfriend, but friendships should always come first...everything always works itself out so there's time for both ;-)
  • Never forget your family...they'll always be there for you so take care of them.
  • Younger people look up to me a lot more than I thought they did.
  • Even though it's hard to get dressed up @ 7:30 in the morning, it makes you feel soo much better about yourself, lol
  • Friends are friends, no matter their origin. I can use all of them I can get.
  • Holding your feelings inside doesn't do anything, but leave you lonely at night, so share your feelings with those you love.
  • I actually enjoy my filming class waaay more than I thought I would. I'm looking forward to the projects we'll have every few weeks in my class...even if that does mean more work on my end.

There are so many more things I could add to this, but I really am about to be late for class, so this will have to do for now. Until then....keep reading, and keep writing

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  1. Can I add one?
    The only people whose opinion of you should matter are in picture frames in your house.
    I love you!