Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Buzz

Although, I may sound like a hypocrite of some sort, I wanted to get some things off my chest. Valentine's Day...a day for love and those mushy fuzzy feelings associated for the people you love or care about. I'm not one of those bitter people who don't like Valentine's day...even if I wasn't dating someone, I still don't think I'd be bitter. My thing is, shouldn't you show someone that you care every day, rather than one day a year? Don't get me wrong; I love receiving flowers and being taken out and pampered, so to's nice, but that's really not what love in general should be about.

I've thought this every year about this time, but I really came to realize these feelings this year. My boyfriend and I tried several times to have a special night together...the first time, we get snow so bad that the roads wouldn't allow us to go anywhere. The second night, everyone apparently had the same idea we did and the wait for a restaurant would be about 2 hours. Instead of our romantic dinner and a movie we'd had planned for weeks, we ended up at a mexican restaurant for dinner and ended with a snowball fight at school for the first night. The second night, we had a lovely meal in the food court at the mall, haha. Well, this may not sound great or even funny to some people, but to me it was perfect and way better than I could ever have expected. It's not about the gifts or even that day really...Valentine's day should just be another day to show someone you care...a day that should really be every day.

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  1. You are so right! It's those moments when nothing is planned but everything turns out perfectly that you will always hold in your memory.
    I love you! Dena