Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photography vs. Memories

So, the ice has officially come and gone, which makes me sad in some ways more than others. I'm glad there is no longer a threat of traveling on the roads, since I'm already clumsy enough as it is. I will however, miss the ice on the trees outside my window at home, as well as surrounding the campus at school. It made for some beautiful photographs for my photography class.

Speaking of photography, I've really loved taking this class so far this semester. Although it's my earliest class, at eight in the morning, I don't mind getting up that early to do something I've developed such a passion for. I started taking the class for my minor and because I thought it went well with a Communications degree...I write the articles and then take the pictures, it's a win/win, right? I've gotten some great shots, but they never seem to turn out exactly the way I pictured (pardon the pun). No matter the photograph, I never seem to capture the exact amount of beauty I see when looking at the object through my own eyes. I've also found that some objects/moments that seem the least worthy of pictures are the ones that turn out better than you could ever have imagined. I guess life's funny that way...some things you just have to experience the memories first hand and hold onto them with whatever you've got.

Well, that's all for now! If I want to make it to my early class tomorrow, I must get some sleep :)

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